Our team is committed to contributing to the local economic development in RSA. Our focus will be to involve and develop local enterprises and to expose local students to the projects (‘in-house training/development’ + ‘job-shadowing’) and disciplines related to the projects.

The local partners in our team are currently employing local small businesses for specific tasks on projects and will continue this relationship and expand where possible.

Siroccon International (Pty) Ltd’s procure goods and services from mainly local suppliers and the multiplying effect on the local businesses has a major impact to enhance local economic development. A number of students from the local communities are employed and/or are in training.

We envisage that we could employ local labour during the preliminary and detail design stages to assist with fieldwork and during the construction stage with the construction monitoring.

We fully support objectives related to local job creation and procurement from local suppliers during construction. To this extent, we will carefully consider construction methods in our designs and identify specific packages of work that can be subcontracted to local smaller contractors. In this regard, we will closely liaise with SMME’s to assist with the identification of and optimizing the use of local labour. Some of our team members are also well experienced in period/month-based Construction Contracts and this knowledge will be employed to the benefit of the project. We could also assist with fund applications to assist with the training of local labour, as may be required.

A vast portion of materials can be procured from local suppliers such as local quarries, brick suppliers, steel and aluminum elements, paving bricks, etc. Once the type and scope of a project are known, more detail can be developed to ensure that the bulk of materials are procured locally.
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Curro Langebaan 1st Golf Team

School golf at Curro Langebaan offers an exceptional sporting experience that combines skill development, camaraderie, and a passion for the game. Nestled in the scenic Langebaan region, Langebaan Country Estate golf facility provides students with the perfect environment to nurture their golfing talents. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, young golfers receive comprehensive training, focusing on both individual technique and team dynamics. Competitions and friendly matches against other schools fuel a sense of healthy competition and teamwork among the students. Beyond honing their golfing prowess, the programme emphasizes discipline, sportsmanship, and perseverance, instilling valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the greens. As a result, school golf at Curro Langebaan not only produces skilled golfers but also well-rounded individuals ready to tackle challenges both on and off the golf course. Visit Curro Langebaan at https://www.curro.co.za/schools/curro-langebaan-high-school or see our Facebook page

Windsurf (Speed & World Championships)

“I am a professional windsurfer, based in my hometown, Langebaan, where we have some of the best windsurfing conditions in the world. My main disciplines are speed sailing, slalom sailing and wave sailing. My dad started to teach me how to windsurf at the age of 12. Ever since the windsurf bug has bitten, this amazing sport became my way of life and turned into my professional career since 2016. I am currently the fastest female in Africa and 6th fastest female in the world. My goal is to keep on pushing my limits, improving every step of the way and sharing this epic journey with the world. Siroccon has been one of my greatest support systems on this journey and I am proud to represent the brand locally and internationally wherever I compete and train. My most recent events include the World Speed Records at Lüderitz Speed Challenge, our local SA slalom Cup week, the biggest windsurfing race in the world, Le Defi in France, as well as the PWA world tour slalom race in Italy, Lake Garda"

Bursary & In-house Training/Development

Siroccon International (Pty) Ltd is already committed to various SCI initiatives within various Municipal areas and our intention is to expand these initiatives to other areas in RSA, where a project is awarded to our Team.

Currently a number of students are in training at a number of Siroccon Offices/Sites and/or studying at different Universities with a Siroccon-bursary. Our objective is to increase that number when a project is awarded to us by:
  • granting a limited number of scholars (grade 10 – 12) with mathematics and science the opportunity to ‘job-shadow’ during July school-holidays
  • facilitating the employment of local students for their vacation training
  • possible term contracts for the compulsory training of University students in applicable disciplines as opportunities may arise from the different type of projects that may be awarded
  • providing a bursary to a local engineering, architectural or quantity surveying student identified from the community
We also envisage that we can plan and hold open house days to expose local Grade 10 to 12 students to the work of various disciplines involved in projects and to the construction industry. Our respective Team Members from different disciplines are prepared to make presentations on specific topics in our industry as part of the continuous training of students and to broaden their knowledge and views on specific aspects like environmental impact assessments and project stages, project cycles and life costs.

Curro Langebaan GR R

Community Up-liftment

Siroccon International (Pty) Ltd demonstrates its commitment to uplifting the community through various initiatives. Siroccon International plays a vital role in uplifting the community as our projects in public works directly impact the quality of life for individuals and help create sustainable and prosperous communities. By focusing on various aspects such as the following infrastructure: transportation, water and sanitation, storm water and structures. Siroccon International contributes to the overall development and well-being of the community.